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We are a non-denominational and wholly inclusive cycling club, with the motto ‘For the people, for the road’ – a friendly club with a range of different abilities from beginners to experienced riders.

We pride ourselves on being an on-going celebration of the bicycle as a medium for sport, recreation, health and joy.

Bruton Cycling Club offers two regular weekend rides.

The Saturday ride stays local, with a maximum total ride distance in the region of 30–40 miles. This is a good run for beginners who want to try riding in a group. The meeting point is the Bean Shot Coffee Shop at 8.45am.

The Sunday ride, which meets on Church Bridge at 9am, ventures further afield, with ride distances between 50 and 80 miles, depending on season and weather. The pace of Sunday rides is slightly faster than Saturday’s; however, depending on numbers we will soon be offering a more sedate pace too.

Both rides feature a café stop, which is always a leisurely affair, giving ample opportunity to refuel, and provides a useful forum for the riders to choose destinations for the following week.

Feel free to come along for a taster before deciding if you would like to become a member.

More details can be found at or email info@brutoncyclingclub.comSteven D’Arcy
Bruton Cycling Club