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23 October 2019 13°C



step in stone launched their Finale with a terrific preview evening at Black Swan Arts in Frome. Mayor Kate Bielby gave out certificates to their young sculpture design competition winners, and it was thrilling to see so many people there, appreciating all the dedicated work and talents of the artists and curators.

Leading up to the Finale, artists have been working extremely hard and going to great lengths to achieve their ambitious site-specific works.  Amanda Wallwork journeyed into ‘deep time’ (the term used to describe vast unimaginable timescales involved in geological processes), gaining access to microscopic scans donated by the British Geological Survey; part of Duncan Cameron’s work included recording in Fairy Cave overnight; Sally Kidall spent months over from Australia to create her dramatic Land Art pieces and Cath Bloomfield enlisted the help of rock climber and step in stone supporter Terry Gifford to attach her Gabion pieces to the sheer vertical rock faces in Fairy Cave Quarry.  We have had a wonderful response and great turn-out over the first few days of our Finale.  It’s been very encouraging to see all ages enjoying our quarry artscapes and related indoor exhibitions.  Visitors have been so inspired by the artwork and quarry environments that they have been creating their own guerrilla art on site and sending us images of work they’ve since created at home!

Special events are running from now until the end of the Finale Festival (18 October) to engage the community, including Family Day in the magical Fairy Cave Quarry (10 October), felt workshops with Suzie Gutteridge and Artist Talks with Tessa Farmer.   Don’t miss exploring the arts trail around Somerset Earth Science Centre (open Wednesdays and for all the special events from Sunday 11 to Saturday 17 Oct),  Black Swan ArtsFrome Museum and the disused and working quarries of Westdown/Asham, Fairy Cave and Halecombe.

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