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14 October 2019 11°C


We are appealing to local businesses to raise funds for the 3rd Bruton Scouts.
We currently run three groups a week for young people aged between six and 14½ yrs, delivering a wide range of indoor activities and outdoor experiences including nights away to develop life skills, build confidence and promote positive behaviour in local children. This year the cub scouts will be celebrating their 100th birthday with a three-night camping adventure, and will be joined by the Beavers (under eight yrs) for part of the camp as it’s their 30th birthday celebrations. The scouts will be facilitating the activities with the younger groups to support their ongoing skills.

We are in desperate need of two new events shelters, which cost in the region of £500 each.

We fund-raise as regularly as we can, but to be able to acquire larger purchases within the group we rely on support and donations. I’m sure you are already involved with other community organisations, but please, please consider our request and help support and nurture our local children. The shelter will provide a legacy for local children and their families and help to grow our community from the roots up.

Any funds we do raise we would like to use on our social media forums locally.

Please contact Toni Morris-Ditty at