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Little Conservationists: Teaching the Next Generation to Love Bruton’s Outdoors

Little Conservationists: Teaching the Next Generation to Love Bruton’s Outdoors

Little Conservationists: Teaching the Next Generation to Love Bruton’s Outdoors
From Prior Park to Tintinhull Gardens, Somerset is home to some of England’s most beautiful gardens and green spaces. Teaching the next generation to love and protect Somerset’s outdoors is paramount in keeping these natural wonders pristine for years to come.

Fostering Values
The most powerful way to foster a love of nature in your children is to model those values yourself. During an outing to a garden, explain to your children the importance of picking up litter and not trampling the flowers. Children love to feel involved, so explaining to them that keeping the park clean and leaving it better than you found it will allow the natural plants and animals to flourish, and will develop in them a sense of responsibility for protecting the natural environment.

Creating Lifelong Nature Lovers
One of the best ways to get children excited about nature is to attend local workshops and seminars on nature. Larger cities like Bristol often hold nature and wildlife workshops geared towards children. These workshops are fun and sure to inspire a love for conservation and life-long learning. Attending events like these can be fun for the whole family. Make a day trip out of travelling to a conservation event and enjoying a nature walk through a wooded area. Be sure to bring your camera so you and your kids can remember the species you saw on your walk.

Understanding the Needs of the Animal Kingdom
Harnessing your children’s natural curiosity by teaching them to identify local species will make them feel like a real-life conservationist and allow them to teach their peers about conservation as well. It is important that children understand that they share the natural environment with their animal neighbours, and what better way to do this than allowing them to meet those neighbours. Make sure children understand that when they recycle, pick up litter, or plant flowers or trees, they are helping their animal friends to live healthy lives.

Involving nature in your everyday life is one of the most important things you will ever do for your children. They will develop skills and knowledge that are uncommon in today’s world and become one of the special people in charge of keeping the natural environment around Bruton spectacular and healthy for years to come.