offical Bruton Town website - photo by Gareth Griffiths
15 November 2019 7°C

It’s war with Batcombe!

It’s war with Batcombe!

Secure your doors and windows! The Batcombites are planning to raid Bruton again – as they did on 24 February 1641!

The English Civil War Society will re-enact this event as part of the Bruton 400 celebrations. A ‘Living History’ village will be in the field next to Lusty Bridge and Budgens at the West End of Bruton 11.00am to 5.00pm – representing the townspeople of Bruton in the 1640s.

The Militia will be led by the redoubtable Sir Charles Berkeley, an active Royalist, who lived in the Abbey House at the time. The Bruton Register records:
“All praise and thanks to God still give
For our deliverance Mathias Eve
By his great power we put to flight
Our raging foes the Batcombites
Who came to harry, burn and slay
And quite destroy our town this day.”

Saturday 25 May 3.15 pm: A mob of Batcombites enter Abbey Field where the Bruton militia will be assembling to defend your town.
Sunday 26 May: After the Parade through the town organised by the Bruton Community Partnership, watch the skirmish again.

Come and cheer on your Militia and drive the Batcombites back to their own homes!