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11 December 2019 8°C

Field Trip Festival Review

Field Trip Festival Review

The Field Trip Festival organisers asked us to come down and write a review of the festival which took place on August Bank Holiday weekend, if any residents of the town were wondering what the light show in the night sky was, it was Field Trip!

Getting into the festival was very smooth & efficient, as the website and promotional material stated, we were searched to ensure we were not taking in any glass, or an abundance of alcohol – this was carried out in a very friendly manner, we were impressed by how swiftly we were processed into the festival.

The first thing that we noticed once inside the festival was the friendly environment. I don’t think we walked passed any group of festival goers without exchanging at least a smile – this was very pleasant and gave the festival an immediate “warm & friendly” vibe.

The second thing we noticed was the diverse array of food and drink facilities at the festival, this was impressive, they had catering for a whole host of dietary requirements,. Being vegan, myself and my partner enjoyed the food offered by the vegan bar, we were extremely pleased to see that our dietary requirements had been met, something we’d never expected.

The event setup was perfect, the festival had a very “natural flow” when walking around the site, we thoroughly enjoyed sets from Serial Killaz, Benny Page, Propulsion, and Indie Sessions! A positive vibe, coupled with some amazing guests and a spectacular sound system.

Walking from stage to stage was a breeze, the festival had the appropriate lighting setup so that there was no “wandering in the dark”, I’m always cautious of wandering in the dark at a festival, you just don’t know what could have been dropped on the floor so this was a massive plus for us.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed coming down to the event to do a review, the music and line up of acts was spectacular, the food an drink available catered to most needs, the event goers were amazing, everyone was positive and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the experience.

It’s such a good value event, we couldn’t recommend attending Field Trip’s next event any more highly.