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Community Hall

Community Hall


The Community Hall now hosts a vast array of classes and groups, appealing to a wide range of interests. On Mondays there is the Mini Day-Care Centre lunch, and later a Dance and then a Drama group for children aged 8–12. Tuesdays see a belly-dancing session, followed by a Parent & Baby Group – health checks and fun things to do. Thursdays feature an afternoon art class and an evening yoga class. Friday has a yoga class for older people. The first two Fridays of the month host Bruton Active Living – with lunch on the first Friday and activities or talks on the second. Monthly, the Bruton & District Flower Club, the Horticultural Society, the Women’s Institute and Compass Carers have meetings – while weekly, every Saturday, the greatly loved and well supported Coffee Mornings are held.

Everyone who is interested is invited to look up the contact details of all these groups in the Calendar, and join in.

Find out more at the Bruton Community Hall website

For booking please email
Vicky Elmore, 21 Cuckoo Hill, Bruton, BA10 0AF.