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14 October 2019 11°C

Casespace at Bruton Museum: Wooden Bowls by Duncan Hooper

Casespace at Bruton Museum: Wooden Bowls by Duncan Hooper

In the regularly changing casespace in the Museum, Duncan has set up a display of his beautiful hand-turned bowls in a wide variety of woods and with many different shapes for all kinds of uses, decorative or functional. He says:

‘In my first job restoring antiques, I turned some replacement knobs and I always wanted my own lathe at home after this. Twenty years later my wife Nikki got me one for Easter and I started making bowls from logs I picked up on walks and scrap pieces from firewood bins. From there I got to know some tree surgeons, who I get odd bits from. I love cutting into logs and seeing what is inside. I then turn my bowls with the shape of the wood determining what the bowl looks like. I use a lot of green timber which means there is still a lot of water in the wood. As the bowls dry out they will shrink, distort or split. Defects and natural flaws can add a lot of character and uniqueness to a bowl.’

Bruton Museum, 26 High Street, Bruton BA10 0AA. Open weekdays 11am–1pm, Saturdays till 3pm.