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14 October 2019 11°C



Bruton has changed a lot in recent years and is going to continue to change. Local government has changed too, with budgets stretched to the point that we can no longer simply assume support from the District or County Council.

We need to ensure that these changes bring benefit rather than disadvantages to the town’s resident and business communities. Together with Bruton Town Council we need to step in to fill the gap, and it is of course right that we decide what needs to happen in our town. We will not be able to bring in money for the things we need to do in the town unless we also have a plan, backed by research and consensus to demonstrate that those things are needed.

The Bruton Town Planning Steering Group started the process of gathering community feedback at the Packhorse Fair in May, when over 250 people visited our marquee to give their thoughts on what was good about living in Bruton and what needed to improve.

A thriving business community is at the heart of a thriving town and we need to invite more input from the business owners and stakeholders, hence this email inviting you to take a few minutes of your time to offer any views you have on the following areas:

  • Jobs
  • How the Town Looks
  • Getting Around
  • Leisure and Places to Go
  • Living in Bruton

Simply respond by replying to Your feedback will inform the writing of a survey questionnaire which will go to every business and household in Bruton in October.

The more people who respond the stronger our plan will be and we look forward to your input. If you would like any further information and to follow our progress, do please visit our page on the Bruton Town Website, or contact us at

Thank you!

Bruton Town Plan Steering Group
Community Office, 26 High Street, Bruton BA10 0A