offical Bruton Town website - photo by Gareth Griffiths
14 October 2019 11°C


A fresh Town Plan is going to be essential if we are to raise the money we need to continue to make improvements to Bruton.
The plan will be of little use unless residents and others know about it and broadly agree with what is in it. People need to contribute. Your first chance to do so is at our stand at the Packhorse Fair. Town councillors and members of the Bruton Community Partnership are on hand to hear your thoughts. Please drop in to our marquee.

What is a town plan?
An agreement between the Town Council, local residents, businesses and others about the steps that should be taken to ensure that the town and its residents continue to thrive.

Why do we need a town plan?
Bruton has changed lot in the past few years. It is going to continue to change. We need to make sure that change brings benefits rather than disadvantages to the town and its residents.
Local government has changed too, with budgets stretched to breaking point. We can no longer assume that the District or County Council will help Bruton. The Town Council and the local community will need to step in to fill the gap, and it is of course right that we decide what needs to happen in our town.
We will not be able to bring money in to do the things we need to do in the town unless we also have a plan which demonstrates that those things are needed.

For further information please visit the town plan page on the Council’s website.
Councillor James Hood