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Bruton Town Plan: have your say at the Packhorse Fair

Bruton Town Plan: have your say at the Packhorse Fair

The Bruton public will have their first chance to help create a new plan for the town at the Packhorse Fair on 30 May 2016. The Western Gazette caught up with town councillors, members of the Bruton Community Partnership and others on 12 May.

Town Councillor James Hood said, ‘Bruton has changed a lot in the past few years, with new businesses and new people. The town is going to continue to change. We need to make sure that change is for the benefit of the town and its residents. At the Packhorse Fair we’d like to hear what local residents think needs to happen in the town. We will send out a questionnaire later in the year to make sure that everyone has a chance to have their say, but it’s good to hear from people directly, so please do come and see us.’

Steven Hall, Chairman of the Town Council and Bruton’s Mayor, said: ‘I know that people can get a bit impatient with local government, with its plans and processes. People just want things to happen. So do I. However, as chair of your Town Council I see the District and County Councils being less and less able to help Bruton. The Town Council needs to step in to fill the gap. To do this we need to be sure that the Council’s priorities are the town’s priorities, and we also need to bring money in. We can’t bring money in without a new plan, and the plan won’t be a good plan unless people contribute.’
Aidan McDonald, Chair of Bruton Chamber of Commerce, said: ‘It’s great for business that there is to be a new town plan. A joined-up approach to planning, traffic management and community engagement will give both new and existing businesses the confidence to invest long-term in Bruton, something I’m sure we all want.’

Gordon Fry, Chairman of the Bruton Community Partnership, said: ‘As a lifelong resident who remains passionate about Bruton I am delighted that the Town Council is leading the development of a new town plan. I and the Partnership will be working closely with the Council, and will help them build on all the good work that has gone before.’

Bruton Town planning - have your say