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Bruton Festival of Arts

Bruton Festival of Arts

The Bruton Festival of Arts, brainchild of Andrew Pickering, John Howard Greaves, Martyn Trevellyan and Honey Pegg, held its first meeting in 1998, with the first festival in 1999.

The idea was to give our huge home-grown supply of artists, musicians, actors, poets and authors a platform to showcase their talents and to bring them to the attention of our small community and surrounding area, as well as to bring in more unusual acts from further afield to try and create a very rounded artistic and cultural programme. Twenty years later we are still working hard to achieve this. Throughout the course of each year we put on events ranging from Take Art productions to musical evenings, puppet shows and short plays, and lay on creative workshops for writing and drawing/painting. Our two major annual events are the Spiral of Light in February and the Packhorse Fair in May. More information can be found at or from Lisa Pickering on