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Founded in 1953 by a small group of enthusiastic artists, the society aims to promote and encourage artists and the appreciation of art in our area. Bruton Art Society has now grown to over 200 members from Bruton, Wincanton, Castle Cary and the surrounding towns and villages.

Membership is open to both amateur and professional artists of the area, working in watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media. The Society also welcomes those who do not draw or paint but are interested in our programme of lectures, workshops and visits to exhibitions, art galleries and country houses.

The Society has a very active website with lots of information on visits, lectures and workshops. We also provide members with space on the website to display a personal gallery of six images together with a link to their personal websites. To see the website go to

All members may submit work for the Annual Exhibition. Work submitted is judged by a selection committee before being entered.

Fee: £15 p.a. for Single Membership or £25 for Joint Membership.

For membership enquiries and applications please contact:

Dorrie Peat, 01747 838217

Application forms can also be downloaded from our website: