offical Bruton Town website - photo by Gareth Griffiths
23 October 2019 12°C



Following the Way Out West Part I exhibition, featuring local artists Jackie Brooks, Caroline Walsh-Waring, Alexandra Brown, Kurt Jones and Clive Melbourne, which finishes on 2 April, we are putting on Way Out West Part II, featuring more local artists: Sandra Porter, Selina Ogilvy, Alex Hermon and Mirabel Williams.

Private View Friday 8 April, 5–7pm, all welcome. The show runs till 16 April.

The UK launch of Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour 2016 is at the Art Factory on 23 April, starting at 3pm. We are the first stop before the show goes to public galleries including the Tate and Riot Sites in the UK. It was part of Banksy’s Dismaland and is our biggest show yet: a post-riot landscape featuring 3,000 hand-painted police constables in a 40-ft shipping container as a self-contained viewer experience, with peepholes where visitors can peer in and lose themselves in an awesome dystopian diorama.

23–29 April at Bruton Art Factory, 7 Old Mill Business Estate, Bruton BA10 Instagram @brutonartfactory. Suzanne Bisset