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20 April 2019 24°C

Brue Crew needs your help

Brue Crew needs your help

Help out with the Church Bridge Project and the Wild Trout Trust

On Saturday 15 September 2018 (9.30am – 4pm with a break for lunch), we’ll be creating a pair of brushwood berms and moving some of the reeds that are congesting the river at Church Bridge, as well as cutting a notch in the weir below the bridge.

The project, led by the Wild Trout Trust with funding from Hills to Levels is designed to ease the passage of fish upstream, reduce impoundment of water and encouraging the development of a more defined low flow channel (technically known as a ‘thalweg’). It should reduce build-up of silt and reeds encroaching into the channel, potentially reducing flood risk in a sensitive area.

It will be quite physical work: moving brash, knocking in posts and wiring.
If you would like to help out – we need plenty of helpers – please email If we don’t manage to finish on the Saturday, we will have to complete the work on Sunday.

We also need to borrow tools on the day for the project: fencing tools (like pliers for fencing), handheld post pounder, sledgehammer as well as handsaws. If you can lend any of these, please let us know by emailing