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14 November 2019 5°C

Brue Crew needs your help

Brue Crew needs your help

BrueCREW need your strong arms and backs on Saturday, 25th May to complete their most ambitious ‘natural flood management’ work to date – building two stone berms upstream of Church Bridge.

Volunteers should arrive at 9 am for a briefing, by the riverside seat at the Patwell Lane end of Church Bridge. Local stone will have been delivered into the river early in the morning, and the job is to create two teardrop shaped berms, under the expert direction of the Wild Trout Trust – Think horizontal dry (or wet?) stone walling.

This work party suits energetic gardeners, builders or sportspeople but also anyone of a fit nature. Please bring a few friends, or encourage those you know to join us, as many hands make light work!

We recommend waders, but not essential depending on previous days rain fall and stout gloves. Wellies may be sufficient if the flow is low on Saturday. Expect to finish early afternoon.

The two stone berms will deflect water towards the northern arch (at Church Bridge Stores’ end of the bridge), ‘Slowing the Flow’ to reduce flash flood risk through Bruton. Berms vary the flow through the canalised town centre, and also provide good habitats for invertebrates and fish.

Materials have been funded by a £1,000 Hills to Levels capital grant from Somerset Rivers Authority. BrueCREW have secured Environment Agency permission.