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15 December 2019 8°C

Bricolage in Bruton

Bricolage in Bruton
The current exhibition at Bruton’s Museum is a collection of contemporary bricolage and drawings by artist Alexandra Drysdale.
What’s bricolage, you ask? It’s the creation or construction from a diverse range of available things, the process of improvisation in a human endeavour.
The objects on display combine original and traditional techniques of art and craft, but are not easy to categorise.
The exhibition forms part of the series Casespace in the Museum, showcasing works by artists who live nearby, and as Alexandra is currently Artist-in-Residence at Bruton School for Girls who better to have her works displayed. She has achieved an international following having worked in Italy, Belgium, USA and Australia and is also an accredited Art History lecturer for the Arts Society.
The Artefacts Casespace will run until the end of January. Entry is free and the Museum is open Mon-Fri 11am to 1pm, Sat until 3pm.