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15 December 2019 10°C

An ancient archer’s story illustrated

Bruton Museum is highlighting the story of the Amesbury Archer, a skeleton dating from more than 4,000 years ago, which was uncovered near Stonehenge in 2002.
Artist Jane Brayne has worked for years alongside archaeologists at Stonehenge, digging, drawing the unearthed objects, capturing the prehistoric landscape and its people. Jane fashioned the original  drawings of the Amesbury Archer, which inspired her to interpret the story of how he arrived in Wiltshire from the Alps all those years ago in an illustrated children’s book, Archer, Journey to Stonehenge.
From Saturday, 27 January, Jane’s working drawings will be on display, alongside artefacts from the time – arrowheads, deerskin quiver and pieces commissioned by English Heritage and the BBC. Fascinating stuff, especially for kids. There will also be books and paintings for sale. Come in and have a look! Free entry, open Mon-Fri 11am to 1pm, Sat until 3pm.