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6 October 2015 16°C
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Step in Stone - The Next Step
Rising To A Crescendo: Artscapes in Quarries The excitement and momentum of step in stone is building up to a peak: its third and final step will embrace three more venues to make up the final six. Part of Somerset Art Works Festival 2015 and Momentum programme, step
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Bruton Dub Club - Gringo SKA
Saturday 17 October, 8pm. Our top live band, GRINGO SKA. Since it first came out of Jamaica in the early Sixties, the sound of ska has never lost its popularity. The rhythms are just too irresistible to ignore, the tunes too sweet – it’s the music of people havi
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SID Speed Indicator Device in Bruton
SID’S in Town
Bruton Town Council is very pleased to have taken possession of its own SID, or Speed Indicator Device. This is a portable contraption that flashes up a vehicle’s speed if the driver is going too fast. You’ve probably seen them as you travel around, (especially if yo
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CARO Lifestyle Shop, Café and Rooms
Caro’s new store, café and rooms encourage the enjoyment of simple pleasures and everyday luxuries. Whether you stay with us, enjoy a pot of coffee in our café, join us for an event or take home the perfect object from our shop, Caro endeavours to make the every
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Jenny Holzer Hauser & Wirth Somerset
Hauser & Wirth Somerset New Exhibition
Jenny Holzer: Softer Targets. A major solo exhibition featuring both new work and a selection of significant pieces drawn from over three decades of the artist’s career. The renowned American artist is best known for using language to make art, utilising a ran
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About Bruton

About Bruton

Bruton is a town of some 3,000 in the south-east corner of Somerset. Though smaller than some villages, it has a town council and mayor and is proud of its status as one of the smallest towns in England. Built in the valley of the River Brue, it is situated between Frome, Gillingham and ...